About Us
Ghazal Javan Publications, Pearson’s exclusive agent in Iran presents many of Pearson-Longman original titles including its English course books inside Iran. Apart from distributing Pearson’s titles Ghazal Javan has also customized the titles licensed by the original publisher through getting license from Ministry of Education. Ghazal Javan has also focused on completing the educational components by monitoring the market and in line with the customers’ needs and modern educational technologies.  Ghazal Javan has printed and released these customized titles inside Iran with a similar quality to the original books.
Ghazal Javan has delivered some special customer services in order to improve the quality of education and develop the capability of using these services:
• Publishing & releasing leveled English course books licensed by ministry of Education and Cultural ministry.
• Availing complete components for language schools such as: Teacher’s Edition, test generator, video, audio and other extra options which are teaching tools in the class and support the teachers to transfer the meaning to the students easily.
• Making Cultural revisions to the course books and their components including text, picture, audio and video, licensed by the above mentioned ministries.
• Issuing learners certificates under supervision of original publisher.
• Holding teacher training courses by board of expert with international certificates and delivering teacher’s certificate at the end of teacher training course.
• Giving consultation and making educational connections with the customers according to the available standard course books references.


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