Learning through Delicious English - New Products' Presentation

 Learning through Delicious English - New Products' Presentation

Along with representing “Pearson” one of the world’s leading publishers, Ghazal Javan is honored to release leveled story books for young age groups into Iran’s market. This new production comes following a new contract with a Canadian Publisher called Caramel Tree.

By focusing on teaching English through a fun and interesting structure, Caramel Tree’s leveled story books believe that by teaching through the imaginative setting of the stories, choosing an appropriate context and improving children’s critical thinking skills, it will increase their motivation to read and learn. Reading stories, accompanied by listening to the audio, song and music will support the young learners to learn English in an appealing situation indirectly, without any stress. The students will be able to practice the language with the help of workbook activities and keep what they learned in their long-term memory.

At the moment, 11 titles among 40 story books are available, and the rest will be released in the market quite soon.

The wide variety of reading materials is carefully graded and published at seven levels, from starter to advanced.



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