Caramel Tree Summer Program

Caramel Tree Summer Program

Caramel Tree Summer Program:

Following the successful run of Caramel Tree Norouz Contest, Ghazal Javan Company, the official representative of Caramel tree in Iran, will support the honorable language schools by a unique and special summer program.

The great effect of Readers on improving English language especially on young learners and teenagers, and the lack of new resources in Iran’s market, has encouraged us to design the Caramel Tree Readers package with the great cooperation of Mr. Farzad Abareshi, Ghazal’s educational consultant, for Summer time.

The language centers can run their summer program with this new plan to build up the base of learning English. Through the Readers Summer Program, you will be able to satisfy both learners and parents by creating a fun environment and make good listeners, speakers, readers and thinkers. The learners’ exposure to English will be increased, if the Readers are taught through Critical Thinking method.


The package includes:

·        The Caramel Tree leveled story books from Starter to Advance. Story book+ workbook +Audio CD

·        Teacher’s manual+ lesson plan sample

·        A training workshop

If you are eager to have the Readers Summer program, please contact us to reserve your workshop seat and receive the details of the program.

Contact Nos: 09388993492-02122921619

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